Hi there, I'm Ankan.

A strategist by heart, I specialize in buying & merchandising with over 5 years of work experience with premium international brands and currently widening my portfolio in the luxury sphere as a buyer.

Zealous about menswear & womenswear RTW, menswear & womenswear athleisure, menswear & womenswear sport, leather home & accessories.

Adept at researching the culturally driven consumer behaviour that’s perpetually evolving & assessing its impact on businesses globally & locally through acute analysis of relevant KPIs.

At the center of the macrocosm is a
human truth.

Key Principles

I follow and believe in

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Continuously evolving

My sole objective lies in aiming to optimize every process and product and plan to make lives easier and simpler as we go along.Plus icon
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Driven by empathy

I am a strong believer in building collaborative relationships and working towards a common goal through developing creative and disruptive ideas that impact businesses positively.Plus icon
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High-octane go-getter

I thrive in environments that involve high levels of autonomy, innovation, and creativity.Plus icon

Skills / Tools



As part of my portfolio, I possess a strong command of a range of analysis tools, including MS Excel, Power BI, Tableau, and PLM software, which enable me to perform efficient and accurate data analysis.


ERP Tools

With my proficiency in ERP tools, I am adept in utilizing SAP Logon to streamline and optimize various business processes, resulting in improved efficiency and productivity.


Digital Tools

As an individual with a strong expertise in digital and presentation tools, my skills encompass Adobe Creative Suite, MS Word, and MS Powerpoint, enabling me to produce engaging and visually appealing content for various purposes.

Work / Education